Accepting a Win

Back in January, I received the news that the Winter Styled Shoot (see Snowy Mountain Top Shoot blog post for more) I did in Whistler with Jalen Laine Photography was up for an award at the WPIC Wedding Awards held in Toronto.


Was my initial reaction.


Was my second.

I could not believe my eyes. What a compliment.

WPIC stands for the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and is where I received my certification through and I am so beyond happy that I did. One of the categories for their awards was Most Creative Styled Shoot. I hummed and hawed about submitting thinking I dunno… I’m just a rookie. I asked Jalen if it would be OK to submit and she said yes. So I submitted. You were only allowed to submit 7 photos. SEVEN. How could I possibly choose. I don’t even remember the exact photos, they are all so good.

You had to pitch why you thought you should win. I thought about this for a long time. Why did I think we deserved to win? Then I blurted out loud in the coffee shop I was working in “because it was hard!”. After a couple of bizarre looks from other coffee shop folk I thought some more. Sure we could have done a beautiful setup inside with heat and electricity and running water. But no. We were out in the middle of nowhere with nothing like a bunch or crazies. The weather conditions were deteriorating by the second. Jalen literally shot the entire shoot in about 25 minutes and it was stunning. That’s why I thought we deserved to win.

Being a finalist was a win for me. Having WPIC acknowledge my work was massive. I have found as a new business owner that you really have to trust your gut and yourself. There is no boss to check in with or to give you a pat on the back. I’ve really struggled with this and have been feeling the self doubt and anxiety quite a bit. I definitely felt more confident doing this shoot than the first but was still terrified and still questioned everything AND didn’t want to let Jalen down. I had such an incredible team of women that really made my life easy and truly made the shoot a success. I never win anything (except for a BMX bike at the circus once) so being a finalist was just as good as winning in my eyes. It was the pat on the back I needed.

It’s Feb 1st, the night of the awards. I’ve been watching the awards on Instagram all day! The setup, everyone getting ready, etc. It looked gorgeous. I’m kicking myself I didn’t go but it wasn’t in the budget, I had other commitments, and honestly thought I wasn’t going to win.

I’ve been doing an 8 week challenge through my gym. Meal plan and everything. I was headed to a family dinner that night and told myself I wouldn’t have a glass of wine unless I won the award. No wine was in my near future.

So we are chatting after dinner and my Aunt’s were telling me about their recent trip and showing me pictures and quite honestly the awards completely slipped my mind. Then my phone dings.

I look and there is a private message on Instagram from the WPIC Wedding Awards saying “ Congratulations winner of “MOST CREATIVE STYLED SHOOT”!!!

I opened the message thinking I read that wrong. I read it again. Then again. And again.

My aunt said “what’s wrong?” and I stood up and went….. “we won? WE WON”! And I immediately started to cry. My other aunt said “I’ll grab the wine.”

I still questioned somehow that we had won. I thought it’s a typo, they sent it to the wrong person by accident.

Thank you to whoever the person was running the WPIC Wedding Award Instagram. You made my night. You actually went above and beyond. They sent me a photo of my award so I could see it! There it was. No mistake, my name was on it. They said it was really tough competition. They had a 3 way tie and had to send it for three rounds of judging.

I was speechless. I actually couldn’t think. So I apologize I never officially thanked the bearer of the good news. So thank you.

I still can’t quite believe it to be honest. Isn’t it funny how easily we can point out where we need to improve or how we could be better and yet have a heck of time owning when we do well? It is for me at least.

Morgan & Vine Events has been official since November 2018. To have won an award in less than six months blows my mind. It also confirms to me though that I’m on the right track.

So morale of the story:

Pick a bad ass team. Always submit. Trust your gut. Give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while and have that glass of wine.