My First Styled Shoot- Part 1

I decided to do a styled shoot back in October to create more content for my website and social media accounts but also to show my style. As a wedding planner I get to make some one else’s dream come to life so it was really fun having the tables turned.

What I didn’t realize about doing a shoot is a) how expensive they can get and b) how much time they take. Like duh, Morgan, it’s basically a mock wedding. I’m not sure why I thought this would be any different.

So where to start?

I needed a theme. I knew I wanted it to be a fall theme, moving into the dark tones, moody vibes, and the right mix of edgy and romantic. I walked into Leis de Buds, an amazing flower shop in Kitsilano and saw these bags of dried flowers. They were dark plum, gorgeous reds, delicate pinks, and burnt yellow. I used these as my color palette, because I loved them so much.

I started asking other vendors if they wanted to be involved. This was terrifying. I received a lot of very nice “not at this time” aka “sorry, who are you?”. What I didn’t expect was to meet some of the most amazing women with incredible businesses. Seriously, I tear up thinking about them because they are so inspiring to me. Keep reading to find out why.

I emailed Alyssa at Leis de Buds inquiring about a floating floral chandelier. I decided I didn’t want a big floral centerpiece on the table I wanted to hang it above. I went and met Alyssa at the store and we hit it off immediately. I felt like I have known her my entire life. It was so nice to chat with someone who was just as excited as I was about the shoot. I then took a little detour and hiked the West Coast Trail for a week. I had zero cell reception or internet access. When I got home and checked my email there in my inbox were photos from Alyssa of the most incredible floral piece. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

I knew I wanted a harvest wood table and ghost chairs. I love this combo! Pedersen’s Event Rentals were lovely to work with and got me all set up.

I love rosé. I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. Then it hit me. That will be the centerpiece on the table... WINE. I filled a gold bowl with floral ice cubes that my Aunt and I made from flowers, leaves, and berries we snipped from her yard. PRO TIP: boil the water a couple of times before you put the flowers in to freeze. It makes the water freeze clear and not cloudy.

For my venue my family out in Maple Ridge generously let me use their property. They have a beautiful backyard with a stunning covered deck. I decided to do my table on the deck and do a lounge area on the lawn. My Aunts were so amazing about me taking over their property for a week or more. I had stuff everywhere. They also made all of the wonderful food you see in the photos including that CAKE. I showed a picture off of Pinterest to my Aunt and she not only made what I wanted but better! Katrina styled all of the food- she has such a talent!

I was really struggling to get a wedding dress. No one would lend me a dress— like fair. I don’t have much to show yet, but I just wanted someone to take a chance on me. And they did. The wonderful sister duo at The Dressy Attic let me borrow one of the most beautiful gowns. They were beyond supportive and helpful and I am so happy I met them. Again two women that I met once and felt like we were immediately best friends. I am forever grateful to them both.

Now that I had a dress, I shot Alyssa an email and let her know the good news and that now I needed a bouquet. I left it up to Alyssa to design because I knew it would be incredible, and it was.

Davie and Chiyo were also unreal. They let me go into their incredible studio and pick out any accessories I wanted. DROOL. So many options. I ended up picking out a beautiful hair piece, a sash for the dress, and a mauve fur stole!

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Photos by Crafted Media