We don’t know about you (yet) but we love a good story, and everyone knows that the best ones are all in the details. Hilarious characters, jaw-dropping moments, and sometimes even a dance floor montage all come together to keep audiences -and wedding guests!- on the edges of their seats. It’s a tale as old as time. Our mission at Morgan & Vine is to use our attention to detail to create a custom-tailored event that celebrates your unique story in a way your guests will truly love.

We know that not all love stories are the “boy meets girl” type and we’re here to help no matter who you love, or how.

Your story starts here. 

"Morgan was an absolute dream to work with – patient, understanding, and incredibly capable." - Sarah, Bride


“Morgan is my secret weapon in event planning. Every single time, Morgan expertly identifies the vision I have for the event, then brings to life an event even better than I originally envisioned.”

-Laurie-Ann, Client


“Morgan is one of those people you just want on your side. She works tirelessly to get a job done and will unflinchingly sacrifice her own sleep and sanity to make it possible.”- Jess, Bride